The Stories of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

These amazing women had their life interrupted or ended, but their voices will not be silenced. We will let the world know about their stories.

Sherry Ann Wounded Foot


This page is dedicated to Sherry Ann Wounded Foot from Porcupine, Pine Ridge Reservation. She was found hurt and dying in White Clay, Nebraska on 8-17-2016. She passed away a couple of days later. Her son and brother were also killed in that town and Sherry’s death was instrumental in the closing down of all liquor related business in that town. She is survived by her daughter Sandi, who we communicate with to this day. She was a loving mother and a tough cookie and passed that on to others. We are proud to have our work dedicated to her name.


After 3 months of being missing, Ariel's remains were found in the Querino Canyon area 24 miles from where she lived with her family. Ariel was Navajo. There was no search done by law enforcement at all and when the family searched themselves, LE got onto them saying it might disturb evidence so they should stop. It was a nightmare for the family and it has sadly become their reality. Her mother Jacqueline succumbed to cancer shortly after, her body weakened because of the severe stress of Ariel’s death. This was a double tragedy for this family and we continue to try to hold them up and to be there when and if we are needed.. PLEASE if anyone has any more important information about Ariel's case please call the Gallup FBI (505)726-6000


“On April 4th, 2015 my sister had gotten a protection order on him that day because he had beaten her over a bad dream that he had...she got a black eye that is it stated in the document...the last sentence in her protection order stated...”I need this order as I fear for the safety of myself and my unborn child.”...On April 30, 2015, my sisters body was found dead 1 1/4 mile off of the highway on an old dirt road in the middle of no where....she was 3 months pregnant...Her boyfriend Duane Benson had run her over twice in his Truck.” - Her sister Tiffany’s words. This is absolutely what we want to try to prevent. She was always black and blue and this stuffed played out in a horrible way. Lack of law enforcement means no one is getting charged and towns people fear for their own lives if they speak up. This situation is into affect on EVERY Federal Reservation.


Savanna was a beautiful young woman with her whole life in front of her. She had a career starting and she was eight months pregnant with a baby daughter. She was happy to say the least and when Savanna suddenly went missing her parents were met with racism and the assumption that Savanna was off drinking and partying. They did not start searching until days later. Five days later her baby was found alive in the hands of a couple that lived in her building. A building that the cops were supposed to of searched. Savanna’s body was found three days in Red River. They had taken the baby from her while she was still alive. This spurred a bill before congress called “Savanna’s Act”. We have outlined that on the MMIW NEWS LINK. Her baby Halsey is doing really well thanks to her loving family.